Wipe the mess off you and your tools. FAST.

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Powerful wipes for your hands, face, tools and equipment

Reach for them in the shed when yard work gets dirty
  • Hands: Perfect for removing gas and oil from hands after filling up the mower
  • Mower & Equipment: Keep your mower, edger, blower and other equipment looking like new
  • Outdoor Furniture: Clean your lawn furniture and swing sets with ease
  • Shoes & Clothing: Removes grass stains from sneakers, boots, shoes and fabric
  • Face: Soft side wipes sweat and grime without scratching
  • Super-strong, XL-sized wipes that won't rip easily
  • Moisture-lock lid keeps wipes from drying out
  • Contains Vitamin E and Aloe to moisturize and soothe hands
  • Fits in small places, cleans big messes

The Difference

This ain't no baby wipe. Feel and see what make GRIME BOSS® wipes unique.
GRIME BOSS - Dual-scrubbing action, ultra moisturizing, family safe
  • Extra Large
  • Super Strong
  • Unscented or Fresh, Citrus Scented
  • Made in U.S.A. *
  • Moisture Lock Lid keeps wipes from drying out

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* Most products made in U.S.A. with domestic and imported materials

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